Reclaiming your Joy and Playfulness this Halloween

With October 31st approaching, you can feel the magic of Halloween in the air, and it brings joy, fun, and excitement. It makes no difference what age you are there is about this holiday that puts smiles on the faces of many.
So what is so special about this day. What does Halloween provide for us?
Originally, Halloween or All-hallows or All Saints Day was a day of remembrance and celebration to all saints and martyrs that have passed over. However, the tradition has become for children to dress up in costumes and solicit door to door for treats (candy).
In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, we have become such task-oriented beings on a never-ending gerbil wheel.
We are constantly dealing with some problems to contend with and solve. If all this was not enough, then came the year 2020 all that followed, such as COVID-19, the polarization of our country politically and racially, and natural disasters.
Maybe holidays like Halloween are here to remind us to find ways to connect to the joy that still exists in the world and within you.

A few suggestions to connect to your joy this Halloween:

  • Children and adults alike, Halloween is the opportunity to dress up, have fun, be playful and not take the world and yourself so seriously.
  • Parents of young children take a moment to be aware of the excitement on their children’s faces as they put on their costume of choice.
  • Decorate the outside of your homes with pumpkins and feed your creativity with decorations of your design.
  • Remember and allow yourself to be touched by your favorite nostalgic Halloween childhood memories and be present to the warm, comfortable, and joyous feeling it brings.
  • When your doorbell rings, take a moment to step back and look at the excitement on the faces of those who beckon on your doorstep as you toss Halloween treats their way.
After all, the happy and satisfying life is made up collectively of a gazillion little moments, of each moment of now where we are present and focus on the things that bring us joy.
It’s not about the circumstances that affect your happy meter but rather who you will be in the face of those circumstances.
Have you been feeling anxious, sad, or resigned lately and want to find ways to reconnect to your ability to be joyous once again?
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