Iris is a passionate, high energy woman who loves people and is willing to go the extra mile to support those that she has promised to support. She follows through with what she says she will do and she goes the extra mile doing it.

Shirley Brown

Iris possesses the intuitive skill to uncover and remove any obstacle with ease. Her insights were invaluable for us as a team and contributed highly to our success.

Sandaura Brooks

Iris has an uncanny ability to relate to people in ways they may have never imagined possible. In doing so, she is able to create results in personal awareness, communication and collaboration that far exceed anything I have experienced elsewhere. She is genuine, creative and 100% committed to her clients and their success. A brilliant choice for anyone.

Sophia Hurley

As a relationship coach, Iris is a model of what she helps her clients become…focused, purpose-driven, out-going, self-confident, always with a pleasant smile on her face.

Russell Borner

Iris quickly helped me identified that taking on other projects, at the time, was a response to filling the void of caring for my mother who had passed. With her guidance and coaching I allowed myself time to grieve and encouraged a sibling to do the same. She was unrelenting about creating healthy boundaries during my grieving process. In spite of the pain, I fondly remember the summer I gave myself back to me and my relationships with siblings survived as a result of my work with her.

Lisa Freeman Chaney

Iris is a terrific listener who can cut to the core of the issue and help you to quickly see things in new, constructive and effective ways. I am always learning new things from her, and taking what she teaches back to improve my life.

Judie Eisenberg

Iris is incredibly insightful and intuitive in assessing situations and people. She sees beneath the surface and is powerfully articulate in communicating her observations. She is ruthlessly compassionate and fearless in taking a stand for those in her life to have their goals and dreams come to fruition.

Pardis Partow

Iris is an extraordinary human being with a commitment to empowering people in dealing with the human condition. She is continually at work in adding to her skills and tools to increase her effectiveness. She brings a dedication to and compassion for people that distinguishes her from the merely great.

Mitchell Kleiman