Individual Coaching

Your inner journey: The Key to True Happiness, Peace and Serenity.

Introspection, self-discovery and self-forgiveness are the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

If this statement is true, why doesn’t everyone do it? What is all of the resistance about? Why do we continuously hold onto old patterns that no longer serve us creating perpetual pain and suffering? What is the relationship between pain and suffering and the statement above?

To answer these questions, I will start by stating the answer is complex. There are many different nuances of our unique human design in addition to life experiences that contribute to the individual ways in which we suffer. That being said there is also a very simplistic answer, which addresses the purpose of pain and suffering.

What if pain and suffering are actually our most committed teachers?

Pain and suffering serve you by making you aware that some part of you needs your attention. You understand this phenomenon when you are experiencing physical pain. Did you ever pull out your back, or sprain a muscle in your leg or arm? If the answer is yes, then you know the pain and discomfort tells your body to stop whatever you are doing, slow down, pay attention and tend to it. If you ignore these warning signs, then what happens is that you injure that part of your body even worse.

The same is true for emotional pain, which manifests itself as anger, hurt, sadness, frustration or anxiety. Some personality types and their ego defense strategies can repress and ignore the pain for a while, but it is like trying to hold a beach ball under water. It eventually pops up somewhere else.

Pain and suffering have a symbiotic relationship, when you don’t address the pain, and it lingers over time it becomes suffering, and starts affecting your behaviors, moods and the ways you relate to others and yourself. Resignation sets in and you start believe that “this is just the way life is” or “this is the way I am”. Thought patterns as such contribute to the formula that creates suffering.

"The only way out is through..."

- Robert Frost
Why do people contact me for individual coaching?

They are in pain and struggling in some area of their life. They are looking for answers and a different outcome.  Let’s face it when all is going well, why look to change something that is working?  It is normal to reach out for some kind of support or different perspective when you are in some kind of “pain flare up”.

Common reasons why people show up in my practice are:
  • Relationships: either they have one that is dissatisfying in some way, or the desire to have one but don’t understand why it is so difficult
  • Communication with loved ones
  • Feeling overwhelmed and anxious
  • Feeling sad and depressed
  • Feeling unmotivated and listlessness
  • Self doubt and self esteem issues in some area of their life
  • Anger and resentment sometimes caused by people pleasing
  • Not able to either directly ask for what they need or disconnected from identifying their own needs

In a safe, comfortable, compassionate and nonjudgmental environment you and I will co-create a foundation to opening up your blind spots, which have unconsciously kept you stuck for years. As you share with me your struggles, I listen for and access the best way to serve you on your inner journey.

I incorporate an inquiry process, in addition to the use of my large array of tools (See individual personality blueprinting), allowing us laser to core of your underlying issues that cause you to suffer. This inquiry process allows you to delve deeply and expeditiously, but be assured our work together will always be paced and attuned to what you can handle at the time.

As you begin to open up your blind spots, you will have an increased level of insight and compassion for yourself and others.

“Give a person a fish and they eat for a day, but teach them how to fish and they eat for life.”

- Proverb

This is a philosophy that I live by and the context I come from when working with my clients. I am here to be used as a conduit on your inner journey in discovering your individual design with its strengths and pitfalls; to live a life from a place of clarity, authenticity and honoring your own authentic truth, whatever that may be.


“Iris, how do I know you and I will be a right fit?”

I offer a free 15- minute consultation for you to test the water, address any questions or concerns.  I believe you will know after this call if I offer what you are searching for.


“Do you take insurance? If you don’t I don’t know if I can justify the cost.”

Though I do have a psychological background and training as well as trained in other systems in psycho-spirituality, to my knowledge most insurance companies will not cover individual coaching. When it comes ROI (aka return on investment), the real question is, what greater investment is there than investing in your own psychological and emotional wellbeing? Quality verses quantity.

“I got more out of my first session with Iris than I had in years of therapy and life coaching.  I immediately felt seen and understood.” K.W.  (client)

I have always done therapy or coaching in person, I understand you work virtually. Can you tell me more?”

For those of you who are new to virtual coaching sessions, I can understand how this can seem intimidating and impersonal. I use the platform of zoom and/or FaceTime and these are virtual calls although I am available for phone sessions as well, for those who are not tech savvy or don’t have access or a great connection to Wi-Fi. I can assure you that as of yet, I have not had a client that did not feel an instantaneous connection and personalization in our virtual online sessions together.  A bonus is you don’t have to spend the time and energy traveling to me.

For further information you can click here and take advantage of my free 15-minute consultation.