The Basics of the 9 Enneagram Personality Types

The Basics of the 9 Enneagram Personality Types

This class is the 1st online course in a series of 3, which is offered in the Enneagram Series and is the foundation for the other two courses, which are the 27 Personality Trifecta and the 3 Instinctual Survival Strategies.

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In this 4-week online course, you will learn, and for some, refresh the basics of the time-tested and proven Enneagram Personality Typing System. This class will focus on the 9 Enneagram Types and all their gifts, challenges and underlying motivations. The Enneagram Personality typing system once mastered, allows you to laser to the core of your own operating system and the operating system of those around you. It will begin to answer the question:  Why do I see and navigate through the world in the ways that I do and why do others do it so differently?

You will leave this course with a necessary foundation of:

  • What unconsciously drives people with your personality type and what automatically motivates the eight other personality types.
  • Real understanding and compassion for yourself and the significant others in your life.
  • Being powerfully related to those you love the most and the world around you.


Maybe for the first time some of you will be able to answer the question “what were they thinking?”

I hope that you too will become an Enneagram enthusiast and reap all the rewards this system has to offer.

Iris is a stellar Enneagram teacher, trainer and coach. She is certified teacher and among other skills has demonstrated mastery of the 27 Enneagram Trifecta, 27 Instinctual Subtypes, Enneagram and Micro Expressions, Enneagram Archetypes, and the In-depth Inquiry Process.

Katherine Chernick Fauvre

Iris is a wonderful Teacher and if you follow the enneagram in your relationships through life you begin to realize how deep you can know someone close to you.

Scott Thompson, CFE
International Franchise Development Expert, Lead Generation, Educational Services and Sales Management

There will be opportunities/assignments between classes to practice what you have learned so you can make this information your own.

This class is not a webinar.  It is an actual virtual classroom with the opportunity for Q&A’s. Also, it is not mandatory to sign up for all three parts of the series, but there will be a discounted rate for those who do. To register for the other two parts of the series, you must have at least the basic knowledge of the 9 Enneagram TypesSuggested reading and handouts will be emailed to you once you register.

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