The 3 Instinctual Survival Strategies

The 3 Instincts and their Survival Strategies

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The 3 Instincts is the 3rd part of the online Enneagram Series and completes the Enneagram Personality typing process. We began with The Basics of the 9 Ennneagram Types and continued with the principles of The 27 Personality Trifectas. The 3 instinctual survival strategies is the crucial and missing component to truly mastering this system. Find your triggers and the triggers of others to live with more clarity.

Some teachers make a case that you’re the order of your 3 Instincts which are your main drivers and they get acted out through our personality Trifecta.

This course will also take place over a 4-week period.  

The integration of these 3 parts allows for a more in-depth, accurate and individualized way of discovering what motivates you and the world around you, and creates a total of 81 possible variations of your Enneagram personality type.

The 3 Instinctual Survival Strategies, focuses on how we stay alive until dinner so to speak. The sexual instinct focuses on pair bonds or close intimates, the self-preservation focuses on survival needs, and social focuses on tribes or groups and communities. Remember we have all them within us but what we lead with makes all the difference.

To simplify this for those of you who are more visual and/or mathematically minded here the formula.

Once you have a good understanding of the 9-Enneagram types, and their centers of intelligence, you can choose 1 type from each center that best describes you or the person you are typing. The centers are the head/thinking, heart/feeling, and the gut/acting.

enneagram types
27 tritypes
81 enneagram subtypes

9 enneagram types + 1 type from each of the 3 centers = 27 possible Trifectas combinations

81 enneagram subtypes
instincts graph

27 Trifectas + Instinctual Survival Stacking = 81 Individual Enneagram Subtypes

The instinctual stacking above demonstrates a person who is self-preservation first, sexual second and social last.

Once you are familiar with this system by just seeing this bar graph you can tell that is probably a person who is practical, pragmatic, focuses on their resources and how they spend their time and energy first. This person will then focus on the special and close people in their lives and lastly on groups or communities.

Benefits of learning your instinctual stacking and those of others whom are important to you:

  • It will explain chemistry and compatibility over the long term in relationships
  • You will have the ability and understanding to tag your triggers and those of others
  • Once you can distinguish what triggers the reactive behavior of yourself and others, you will then have “the freedom to unhook and not take it personally.”

Learning the Instinctual survival strategies from Iris, was one of those “aha moments” for me. I was having marital issues with my husband at the time. Discovering our survival strategy differences allowed me to interact with him with understanding, kindness and compassion instead of the predictable feeling of being annoyed and irritated.

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There will be opportunities/assignments between classes to practice what you have learned so you can make this information your own.

This class is not a webinar.  It is an actual virtual classroom with the opportunity for Q&A’s. Also, it is not mandatory to sign up for all three parts of the series, but there will be a discounted rate for those who do. To register for the other two parts of the series, you must have at least the basic knowledge of the 9 Enneagram Types. Suggested reading and handouts will be emailed to you once you register.

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